What we create

Beautiful, clinically backed stories to help children develop their whole sense of self.

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Our First Book

Om the Otter

A story of friendship, compassion, and how to be present for someone experiencing difficult feelings.

Using breathing exercises, Om takes us on a journey that teaches the power of mindfulness.

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Bring Om the Otter Into Your Home

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Who we are

Mothers, Clinicians and Friends

United in our vision to create supportive materials to help everyone from parents to caregivers to therapists. Navigating childhood development in the modern world, together.

Beth Cooper

Co-founder and managing partner of the creative studio, Frost Motion

Rachel Robinson

Certified speech-language pathologist, founder and president of DotCom Therapy

Parvati Shallow

Executive coach, yoga teacher and SURVIVOR winner

Paula Van Loan

Doctor of Pharmacy
and therapy mom

Coming Summer 2020

Our Speech Series

Developing the ability to communicate is unequivocally one of the most important things we do as humans. Target the development of your child’s speech through our expertly crafted books. Each clinically backed story focuses on a developmental sound allowing parents, teachers and therapists to target articulation in a fun and engaging manner.

Meet the Gang


Target the /d/ sound with Davu the Dingo


Target the /k/ sound with Kat the Kitten


Target the /g/ sound with Goldie the Gazelle


Target mindfulness with
Om the Otter

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